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Thursday, October 18, 2007

buhay kolehiyo!!

Para sa akin ang buhay kolehiyo ay isang panibagong hamon sa buhay ng isang istudyante na kung saan dito ay magbabago lahat ng kinaugalian na pag-aaral nung ikaw ay nasa high school pa lamang kaya kung pasimple-simple ka lang nung sa high school ka ngayun ay dapat doblehin ang pag-aaral dahil ikaka-bagsak mo ang pagiging tamad mo sa pag aaral!.....

Ang Nattutunan ko sa computer!!

Ang natutunan ko sa computer subject ay marami sa sobrang dami hindi ko na maalala yung iba! pero ang nagustuhan ko talaga sa computer subject ay yaong pag-gawa ng blog, tsaka pag bago ng template ng blog pag lagay ng video tsaka mga animated file! ang galing talaga ng prof. namin kahit medyo chuby ay astig naman! good luck and more power!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Wiki Pilipinas!!

wikipilipimas is a new online encyclopedia that being pertain only in the Philippines. Information history culture and etc. are found in wikipilipinas. Also has a great rule not only for the readers, researchers and users within Philippines. It can be the source of the Philippine history culture or information. For all travel agency and tourist agency wikipilipinas has a great advantage to them because many foreign country want to have a vacation on Philippines, by means of wikipilipinas they acquired information about the culture of Filipino’s community on how Filipino communicate and socialize to the other people.

As of now wikipilipinas are newly launch as an online encyclopedia, so we do not expect much more to their organization. We know that wikipilipinas are lack of information about Philippines. So we need to support of what their work, appreciate their work because someday this will be known around the world. Keep up the good work guys!!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Forever friends!!!

Forever friends bound my love
The time can take away
Forever friends
Carrying in a special kind of way
Heart and heart and
Hand and hand
Will stand until the end
Loves forever
When your
Forever friends

The Important of philosophy to man

Philosophy is important to man because man is a rational being. Man is always looking for the truth and to answer what is bather in their mind. Some questions that cannot be answer by science, some question that philosophy can answer to that particular question through human reason.
Philosophy is important to man because it serves us our guidelines to do what is right and not to do what is wrong, and by philosophy man teaches how to be prepared. Since philosophy was to answer some question that cannot be answer by science, then from this standpoint the best approach to philosophy is first to know and solve the problem s of man.
One of the problem or question that philosophy tries solves it. What is my purpose in this world? Why was I born into this world? Where was I come from? How this world formed? Am I free? In the first place, is their god? What is death? Am I good or evil by nature? These are the questions that only philosophy can solve it but not totally right. It gives us only an idea or concepts of this question.
Philosophy also teaches man how to reason out in a particular situation. There is something bather in my mind about philosophy. What will happen if all human being is knowledgeable enough about philosophy? Maybe it results human being is aware of what happen to their surrounding, society and community. Man does not believe immediately in any idea or o thing that has no proven or facts and reason. Man knows what to do to his or her self.
Philosophy is very important each individuals because it enhance the ability to think, to reason out and to analyze in a particular subject or situation. So far we are discussing the important of philosophy! The question is what is philosophy? According to the Webster’s universal dictionary.” philosophy is the study of principles underlying conduct, thought and the nature of the universe; general principles of the field of knowledge; a particular system of ethics; composure and calmness”
All human beings orient their lives around ideas about what reality is like, that they believe explain their experiences and ideas about what reality and human beings should be like, that they use to guide their behavior.
So philosophy has a great rule in the field of knowledge because philosophy is applicable to the reality of life. Philosophy is the most important for us to decide in a most reasonable way as to which those decisions will bring out the best to man sometimes we learn lessons and values from those philosophies. And philosophies help us to face off such challenges or problems of man.
Now I know my purpose in this world by the help of philosophy. As I lived in this world I’ll do what is right and my part not only to my self, but to help others do the same in order your life is worth living for. Man can only dictate in his self on how to handle and accept the truth. I know when we encounter such problem we always says to our selves, why this things happen to me? These are some incidence makes man strong and also gives lesson to man. Through man experiences, he can now dictate or decide how is going to live.
But the most important is, we must think first before doing anything, and respect to one another.

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